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601 Tully is a center for engaged practice in Syracuse, NY developed by artist and professor Marion Wilson with a rotating collaborative team of 54 students and neighbors and Anda French of French 2Design. It's a site for meaningful exchange between artists, community members, and scholars in the co-production of culture.

601 Tully includes a contemporary art space, a public events space, a bookstore, a teaching garden, and Recess Cafe West.

In 2009, Wilson purchased the condemned two-story home and local drug hub, and throughout five semesters, Wilson's design/build class re-zoned, designed, renovated and now sustains the physical and programmatic aspects of 601 Tully. The collaborative team has consisted of artists, architects, environmentalists, Fowler High School students, Green Train Workforce, neighbors, and the occasional passerby.

601 Tully is made possible by the generous support of the Syracuse University School of Education, The Kauffman Foundation, The Near West Side Initiative, Imagining America, Home HeadQuarters Inc., Say Yes to Education, and National Grid.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New name for 601 Tully: The Curriculum

Let's meet for a coffee at the curriculum
let's have a drink at the curriculum
i'm giving a reading at the curriculum
i'm showing at the curriculum
around the corner from the curriculum

Nice Title

"Art That Needs no Hook or Pedestal" by Randy Kennedy, New York Times 3/26/10

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pleats for womb!

These are Issey Miyake's work that came to my mind when we were discussing making the womb room into lantern shape.
imagine them in a very large scale.

and check 6:30 to see how the fabric jumps!


Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Preliminary 1st floor ceiling configuration


I need to meet with my fundraising group. Maarten Jacobs told Kristen and I about Kickstarter grants - look them up - I want students to do this for the Raised Beds site - it could really raise awareness about our project and "kickstart" our fundraising campaign. Who can meet Monday???

Floor Lighting?


Friday, March 26, 2010

Photos of class online

Photos HERE

Habitat for Artists

Relates to the raised bed project in which several different people each make the "same thing" (but with their individual approaches) out of recycled materials...

"Several artists from the Hudson Valley region have been invited by artist Simon Draper to participate in a site-specific, collaborative exhibition project at the Sitelines art fair. Draper,who has long been working with concepts regarding habitat/shelter in his own art practice will provide each artist with a basic 6 ft. by 6 ft. shed, to be considered as an artist's habitat/workspace for the duration of the art fair. The artist will inhabit this simple and temporary structure and use the space to create art works or turn the structure into an artwork prior to and during the time of the fair."

Their Website


Expert on main streets to speak on revitalization in Syracuse
Columbia University professor Mindy Fullilove—whose work includes studying 100 main streets in the United States, France and Japan—will present a talk titled “Just Design and the Future of Main Street” Thursday, April 15.

Freecycle + Playground Fence

Can we push our fence a little further than the chair?

also Freecycle - possible source for ambiguously repurposed objects?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Byrne Dairy

Byrne Dairy's Community Support Page

"Community stewardship is both an honor and responsibility for each of us. To that end, Byrne Dairy is proud to support local charities and events that are designed to benefit all aspects of our communities.

If you have an event or are an authorized representative of a recognized organization that would like to submit a formal request for our support, please follow the instructions listed below.

Byrne Dairy personnel will personally review all properly submitted requests. The review and approval process typically takes six to eight weeks. After that time, you will be notified as to our decision."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Save the Rain with Onondaga County

Green Improvement Fund - Please download the PDF. We are applying for this for the 610 Tully garden andand pavement. Who would like to work on this - need a good writer, someone with knowledge of green systems and architect who can make simple computer drawings. Team of three. Excellent experience.... email me and sam right away. Thanks, Marion

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ceiling and some others

i was at a moroccan restaurant where the owner build the place himself. and it reminded me of a lot of our ideas and he said a lot of what he did was really low cost!
ok so this is like one of the ceiling ideas.. and its shadows on the walls
far away shot
another kind of ceiling that shadows on the walls around it
close up
far away shot

ok so this is blurry and it doesn't really do with us any more.. but they are large windows that pull out.. like the idea in the beginning.. i wish it was a clear shot.. it looks nice
he has doors like the ones we want to get that zig zag or bunch up.. but his has this awesome cut out pattern on them.. its really pretty

womb room

here are some inspirations i found for a potential womb room
the lighting at the gershwin hotel in nyc.. its really pretty in the day as well and winds through the celling on the first floor inside
a kind of drastic look at a room in a room

a soft kid friendly idea

layers of berlap

Movable Wall Materials?

A sandwich of Acrylic with internal honeycomb structure. Pretty Nice...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Any 601 Tullers here this Spring break week...

I am thinking of a couple of things we could do if you happen to be in town and want to work casually on the project:

1. a road trip to Bouckville to collect for Jamie, Michelle and Michael

2. plant an enormous amount of seedlings in those starter containers

email me or Samantha if you are interested. Not alot of contact time - just some fun work.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jean Shin's 20/20

20/20, 2003

Prescription eyeglasses
8 ft h x 4 ft w
Installation at Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York, 2004
20/20 explores the relationship between the body, architecture and our perception of reality. Old prescription eyeglasses were inserted into a wall that faces a window overlooking 23rd Street in Chelsea, New York. As if peering through someone else’s eyes, the viewer can see multiple perspectives of the cityscape through the various lenses. Depending on the prescription, each set of lenses magnifies or diminishes the buildings beyond, and viewers often have to adjust their vision in order to focus. 20/20 engages both the viewer and the outside world, playing with our perception and changing the environment of the gallery.

Jean Shin's Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor, 2002
Disposable wooden chopsticks
Dimensions variable

Installation at Ssamzie Space, Seoul Korea
In Wooden Floor, thousands of disposable wooden chopsticks have been temporarily arranged into an elaborate composition that recalls the structure of wood flooring. Common, utilitarian items that are normally disposed of after one use create patterns of herringbone, parquet, and plank flooring. The installation turns the permanence of architecture on its head, while placing it in dialogue with the temporality of food and consumption. Like a beautifully raked Japanese rock garden, the installation is not meant to be physically walked on but instead it becomes a place of contemplation for the eyes and mind.




Monday, March 8, 2010


David Harvey, a CUNY distinguished professor and one of the world's leading Marxist theorists, has his entire course on Marx's Capital up for free online. I've been watching his lectures to bolster my personal reading of Marx and today stumbled across some concepts I think we should consider as we work to contextualize 601 Tully within the Syracuse Community and the world at large.

Harvey suggests that when we consider DYNAMISM or INTEGRATED PROCESSES we should think of it/them as a process of REVOLUTION(S) and then ask:
-What kind of relation to nature is being constructed?
-How is this relation to nature (think: the community) going to be articulated?
-What kind of daily life is going to be lived? How are we going to articulate and reproduce it?
-What are the kinds of social relations we want to establish? What kinds of social relations would we want to live with?)
-What kind of symbolism are we constructing?
And, finally...
-What kind of mental conception are we going to be projecting into the world?

Over Arching Concepts

not built-in
art and architecture
sandwich (20, 60, 20 %)

Leonardo Drew - possible wall

Leonardo Drew - fo wall and floor treatement with recycled wood and paper and metal

Ann Hamilton @ Seattle Central Library

LeWitt 2

Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing 38

Tissue paper cut into 1½-inch (4 cm) squares and inserted into holes in the gray pegboard walls. All holes in the walls are filled randomly.
April 1970
Colored tissue papers, gray pegboard walls
(now @ mass moca)

Sol LeWitt

although typical treatment of a floor/ceiling in a gallery/museum, these are effective illustraitions of Yun-Pei's sandwich theory. Yun-Pei : please share this theory here if possible..
The reflection on the floor on the first one is interesting to consider too.
top and bottom are from Mass Moca, and middle from the Guggenheim.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mara Adamitz Scrupe

Apothecary For A New Millennium

Recycled convenience store food cases
converted for greenhouse use,
filled with medicinal herbs.
Grow lights powered by
custom-designed solar power system.



This morning my roomate volunteered with ADAPT - CNY cleaning out vacant buildings for future projects. She said they found tons of building materials and old objects - including big sheets of glass - into dumpsters where they were smashed up.
I thought materials such as glass might be something we are interested in for 601 Tully...
Is anyone familiar with ADAPT CNY? They may be a good resource for materials - if we catch them before they get thrown out.
Here is their website...http://www.adaptcny.org/about.htm...if there is any specific material a group wants, mabye we can email adapt cny and ask if they would put it aside for us.
Its also a good group to be in contact with concerning revitalization of syracuse in general...theres some cool projects on the website