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601 Tully is a center for engaged practice in Syracuse, NY developed by artist and professor Marion Wilson with a rotating collaborative team of 54 students and neighbors and Anda French of French 2Design. It's a site for meaningful exchange between artists, community members, and scholars in the co-production of culture.

601 Tully includes a contemporary art space, a public events space, a bookstore, a teaching garden, and Recess Cafe West.

In 2009, Wilson purchased the condemned two-story home and local drug hub, and throughout five semesters, Wilson's design/build class re-zoned, designed, renovated and now sustains the physical and programmatic aspects of 601 Tully. The collaborative team has consisted of artists, architects, environmentalists, Fowler High School students, Green Train Workforce, neighbors, and the occasional passerby.

601 Tully is made possible by the generous support of the Syracuse University School of Education, The Kauffman Foundation, The Near West Side Initiative, Imagining America, Home HeadQuarters Inc., Say Yes to Education, and National Grid.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jean Shin's Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor, 2002
Disposable wooden chopsticks
Dimensions variable

Installation at Ssamzie Space, Seoul Korea
In Wooden Floor, thousands of disposable wooden chopsticks have been temporarily arranged into an elaborate composition that recalls the structure of wood flooring. Common, utilitarian items that are normally disposed of after one use create patterns of herringbone, parquet, and plank flooring. The installation turns the permanence of architecture on its head, while placing it in dialogue with the temporality of food and consumption. Like a beautifully raked Japanese rock garden, the installation is not meant to be physically walked on but instead it becomes a place of contemplation for the eyes and mind.


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